Family Activities

Join us for Messy Play

Weekly fun sensory activities for children under 5 and babies .

Mondays 11.30am-12.15pm

What we have been up to

Our families have been working hard for the past year , trying out new recipes , trying new foods and having fun cooking together.

From traditional meals such as spaghetti bolognaise and stovies to quick fakeaways, Singapore chow mein and zinger burgers .

“Learning new skills and gaining awards was a bonus but nothing compared to the excitement of chocolate cake and Oreo cheesecake!”

Cooking Sessions

We delivered 38 online cooking sessions to 54 Sauchie families throughout the past year. In partnership with ECLD and Wimpy Park Community Group, each week we dropped off an ingredient pack with a recipe to make a hot family meal and provided an online demonstration for the parents and children to follow.

In partnership with the NHS we received funding for aprons for the participants and also 2 The Gate Foodbank supported us with holiday lunch packs for our vulnerable families during the February break. We supported local families through the connecting Scotland fund providing digital devices and WiFi to support homeschooling. 

Cooking videos

Below are some of the recordings we did, feel free to follow along and try them for yourself. You can also visit our YouTube page for more videos by clicking the button below.

Red pepper and tomato soup with homemade rolls

Fruity Crumble

Macaroni Cheese

Community Growing

Since March our families have planted potatoes at home and harvested  them . We have put flowers in planters around Sauchie hall and thanks to Morrison’s donation of seeds 🌻 at our summer programme everyone planted up wee pots !