Community Support

What we do

In the past year, throughout the pandemic, between June 2020 and August 2021, we have tried our best to support our community responding to the needs of our residents. 

  • 1500 Food, fresh fruit and vegetable top up packs delivered to vulnerable residents.
  • 1050 Ingredients packs to families for weekly cooking programmes.
  • 150 Holiday activity packs to families
  • 150 Xmas hampers to older adults
  • 500 Packs delivered in partnership to  local nursery and community groups
  • Delivered 30 Walks in partnership with Braveheart and access training for all our staff
  • Delivered 38 Family cooking sessions in partnership with ECLD and Wimpy Park
  • Delivered 100 Youth club sessions either online or in hall
  • 53 Detached youth work hours completed in partnership with Community Police
  • Cleaned up over 100 bags of litter from our local area